The Clicky Post Yard Sale - A Few Pens For Sale

Hello Readers!

Being a pen blogger means one thing for sure: I buy a lot of pens.  Usually this is because something catches my eye that I want to try or is something that I feel would make for a great review on the blog.  I don't usually try and part with too many pens, but from time to time I have to go through the arsenal and thin out some pens I don't find myself using very often.

I did this recently and wanted to offer some pens up for sale here on the blog if anyone was interested in getting something new.  All pens are in excellent, mint, or like new condition so no surprises....  I also tried to price these VERY reasonably. 

(Additional notice: these are all pens purchased by me that were not provided complementary from site sponsors/companies)

What I have available:

Lamy Safari in White - M Nib - $20 (SOLD)

BIGiDESIGN PHX Pen in Stainless Steel - $20 (SOLD)

Namiki Falcon Fountain Pen - M Nib - $115 (SOLD)

Pilot Vanishing Point Fountain Pen in Black and Chrome - F Nib - $115 (SOLD)

Retro 51 Tornado Fountain Pen in Black - M Nib - $35 (SOLD)

Lamy Econ Ballpoint - $20 (SOLD)

TWSBI Mini Classic - 1.1 Stub - $40 (SOLD)

TWSBI 540 in Amber - F Nib - $45 (SOLD)

rOtring Newton Ballpoint in Silver - $85 (SOLD)

Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint in Raw Aluminum - $45 (SOLD)

For domestic/US purchases, USPS Priority shipping would be $5 and for International First Class, $10.  This will likely not cover the full cost, but I like round numbers... : )

If interested in any of these pens, please shoot me a message through the Contact page and we'll work out a PayPal arrangement.  These are first come, first serve!

- Mike