Sailor Jentle Ink - Miruai (Seaweed Indigo)

As I've progressed in my fountain pen hobby, ink, or course, is a part of that which I haven't reviewed too much on the blog.  When you use primarily blues or blue/black inks all of the time, is there really too much to say about it?...

I've recently acquired some other colors in the non-blue/black variety, one of which being one of the new Sailor Jentle series, Miruai.  Pen Chalet was kind enough to send me a bottle to try.  Thanks guys!

Miruai is described as a seaweed indigo or dark blue/green color which is perfect really.  The green is VERY dark and with finer nibs (like the F nib Vanishing Point I loaded it into) it could easily be mistaken as a black or very dark blue.  I've yet to really get into inks that are a bit out there in the color spectrum like orange, so a dark conservative green may suit the needs of every day use.

I usually write on Rhodia when using fountain pens for my day-to-day stuff, but when I want to really see what a nib is doing or what a color really looks like I break out a sheet or two of Tomoe River.  This paper really is fantastic and blows me away with just how crisp everything is on such a thin and delicate surface.  I've been looking at getting a bound Tomoe River notebook, but haven't decided on one.  Any suggestions would be fantastic.

Miruai, being so dark, lays down a very rich line and is very smooth.  From what I can tell there is a nice almost reddish sheen on the ink as well.

Of course I was using it on Tomoe River which will impact and extend "normal" dry times, but after about 15 seconds or so it seems to have no smearing.

In comparison to inks like Iroshizuku, the Sailor Jentle series is pretty reasonably priced at around $18-$20 per bottle, but I understand this is a bit of a price hike from before...

Thanks again Pen Chalet for sending the ink my way!  If you're looking to pick up a bottle of Sailor, Pen Chalet has pretty much the entire line I believe.  Also, remember to use CLICKYPOST at checkout for an extra 10%.