An Often Unknown Influence - Mr. Thomas Hall

If you've listened to The Pen Addict podcast or read Brad's many posts over the last few years (including one last week...) then you've likely heard the name Thomas Hall shared from time to time.

Who is this "Thomas Hall"?  Is he man?  Myth?  Legend...?  In our little world, he is pretty much all of the above.  He is often referred to as the enabler to the enablers due to his incredible way of making people like Brad and myself purchase expensive things.  We then talk about these things; a lot.  This, in turn, trickles the enablement avalanche down to our readers and friends.  

I was kindly introduced to Thomas through Brad in a round about way (although I'm not entirely sure of our first interaction), but from the get-go, I was impressed by the knowledge this man possesses about pens.  Like encyclopedia Britannica type knowledge levels.  Thomas would likely argue that this is not the case, but all I know is that every topic, every pen, every ink question I throw his way is answered and usually with a link to a site to purchase amazing things!

You all may have heard some rumors that I may have a problem buying vintage stainless steel Pilot pens; this is true, and largely thanks to Thomas' insight and willingness to share his time when questions arose.  I now have MYUs, Murex', M90s, Elites, Customs.... (sigh)  When Thomas tells you about something...  

I'm going to say that he has this way of opening your eyes to new things you didn't even know existed; deep secrets locked away in pen history that wouldn't likely cross your path unless you went looking.  Sounds like we're meditating on top of a mountain, right?  Not far off... He is kind of like our community pen shaman.

For a very long time, I had known about custom acrylic/celluloid pens by people such as Shawn Newton or Brian Gray of Edison Pens, but it wasn't until Thomas helped nudge me over the edge did I buckle down and start purchasing some.  He also very kindly sent me three of his personal Edison pens to use in order to see what felt right; a very kind and trusting gesture from someone who only knows me as "the guy who writes The Clicky Post".  I'm now pleased to call him my friend.

This is a very uncommon post it seems, but one that I have been meaning to write for some time.  

Thomas also started writing a blog this past year called Penucopia.  His writing schedule may seem spread out in comparison to other blogs, but when he writes I always make sure to consume his posts immediately.  He takes a great deal of time providing fantastic insights and his site is one that should be on everyone's blog reader.  Also, he is on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to keep an eye on what he is up to.

To Thomas: thanks for being such a great contributor and asset to this community.