The Studio Temporary X Dudek Collaboration - Mahogany & Maple

After a couple of months of teasers, I'm pleased to finally announce the launch of a collaboration between Scott Fuller of The Studio Temporary and Dudek Modern Goods.

Scott is a designer out of Georgia that has found his way into our little community through a couple of ways.  If his name/company doesn't sound familiar, then perhaps some of this work will.  He is the artist behind the logos for both Fountain Pen Day as well as the Field Nuts Facebook group (for Field Notes fandom) and he has been a guest on The Pen Addict Podcast to discuss his work.

One of my favorite pieces from Scott is a "USA" logo he created last year.  It instantly grabbed my attention and I was excited when he and I started talking about a possible collaboration as I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our project.  With both of our little companies being here in the USA, it seemed appropriate.

What we've created is a limited edition run of The Block and The Daily pen holders made from solid mahogany that is inlayed with Scott's "USA" artwork in maple.  We're excited at how these turned out and are stoked to finally share them.

Why mahogany?  My normal material of choice is walnut for all of my other pieces, but for the collaboration I felt that changing the wood up completely would help it to stand out as a true limited run.  

Mahogany is an interesting wood and is much grainier than the walnut.  It has a much more contrasting appearance as the wood itself is a golden orange while the deeper grains are dark.  The wood also has what I would consider a wavy, almost iridescent effect when you move the piece back and forth in the light.  A shimmer of sorts, which makes the color change with each angle you see it from.  Its a lovely, lighter wood that turned out great.

In addition to the inlayed maple "USA", each piece is laser etched on the bottom with The Studio Temporary and Dudek Limited Edition mark and each piece is numbered in the series.  The Block is limited to 15 pieces and The Daily is limited to 12, so expect them to sell out quickly.

USA Patch

To carry around and promote some red, white and blue pride, as an add-on to each piece you can elect to purchase one of Scott's "USA" patches to stitch on to your jacket or bag for only $5.  

Made in the USA.

01. 2.5 inches around! 
02. Sew-on. None of that iron-on mess... 
03. USA!!!

THE BLOCK - $70 (+shipping)

Solid mahogany with maple USA inlay.  Holds 21 of your writing instruments 1/2" in diameter or smaller.  Protected with several coats of satin poly.


THE DAILY - $55 (+shipping)

Solid mahogany with maple USA inlay, that has a slot for up to three of your pocket notebooks and pens or pencils 1/2" in diameter or smaller.  Protected with several coats of satin poly. 


A special thanks to Phillip McKee of McKee Markings, a local small business that provided the fantastic laser services and Timber Hardwoods, my local small business lumber source, both out of Mesa, AZ.

Also, a special thanks to all of the support around The Studio Temporary and Dudek Modern Goods.  Without it, our creative ventures wouldn't be possible.

- Mike and Scott