Karas Kustoms Copper Fountain K

I'm just gonna lay it out there; December has been crazy. During the holidays my Dudek Modern Goods brand is at its busiest with orders coming in for gifts (thanks everyone that ordered!), so my evenings and weekends are pretty jammed with production. Not a complaint, but with being busy comes limited posts here on the blog. Excited to get back on a more consistent schedule!

A brand I love and that has had a prominent place on the blog pretty much since the beginning is Karas Kustoms and the recently formed sub-brand, Karas Pen Co. I work and live just a short drive away from their shop which grants me the pleasure of popping in and hanging out from time to time. Great guys making great stuff.

Fountain K seen with the Doane Paper Large Flap Jotter

About midway through the year they released their first version of the Fountain K, but only in a small batch. The Render K is my favorite design in the Karas lineup, so when I heard a fountain pen version was coming out I was pretty thrilled. They've since released version 2 of the pen which has a slightly longer section as well as a new Bock nib instead of the original Schmidt nibs they've traditionally used in the Ink.

I've had the pleasure of writing with all of the Fountain Ks in their various materials of aluminum, brass, and copper, but we're going to focus today on the most visually brilliant of the three (in my opinion...), the copper.

As are all copper pens, it is probably redundant to say that it is a hefty pen. Weighing in at close to 2.75 oz inked, it will grab your attention when you pick it up. Personally, from a utility standpoint the aluminum versions are my go to. Most comfortable to hold for the long haul, and won't weigh down your pocket.

But the copper is so dang pretty...

I don't find that it would be a pen that I would take out and about with me due to the heft, but for some folks they love carrying around a really heavy pen with them. The copper and brass pens I do have I tend to enjoy while I'm at my desk.

The pen doesn't really post, although you could technically rest the cap on the back. I don't recommend it as it isn't a snug fit. 

I can say openly that the machining process on the Karas pens has improved by leaps and bounds since those first Render Ks went out. The originals were still solidly made of course, but with new machinery, tumbling processes... the guys have really stepped up their game and it shows. I say that as a huge compliment that they are continuing to perfect their craft so we have the best products they can make in our hands. So a kuddos to them.

The copper is so polished that it has a more reflective surface. This means, fingerprint city initially until it builds up a patina (if you can hold out long enough without cleaning it...).

Regarding the Bock nib to replace the Schmidt, I'm not entirely sure why the change, but there are pros and cons for me. I really enjoyed the Schmidt nibs as they seemed to come out of the box with more ink flow which made a smoother experience on the page. The downside with them was that they seemed to feather a bit more which made the lettering not quite as attractive. 

The Bock nibs seem a little grabby on the page with less ink flow, but the lines are sharper. I feel a need to get one of the Bock nibs adjusted for more flow and it would be about perfect.

The pen can take a standard international short or long cartridge as well as your standard converter.

Although the guys provided me this copper version free of charge for review purposes, I've bought two other Fountain Ks on my own and really enjoy them. Definitely take a minute to check out the selection they have and they also recently released the colors series in the aluminum editions!  

Thanks again to Karas for providing the Fountain K for review