Sailor Jentle Ink - Four Seasons Chu-Shu (Purple/Gray)

Have I disappeared?!... Nope, just had to have my head down for a bit due to the Dudek Modern Goods holiday rush, but things are starting to level off again. On that note, to those who placed an order, thank you. This season was the biggest yet and I appreciate so much the ongoing support.

On to the review...

One theme that has NOT been common on The Clicky Post is ink reviews. For one, in ink reviews I feel like I don't know really what to say oft times, but is an area I'd like to dabble in a bit more. Personally, I don't branch out much when it comes to inks, but it is always fun to try something new.

Pen Chalet reached out and asked if I'd like to do a review of one of the newer-ish Four Seasons inks under the Sailor Jentle line and I happily chose the one that appealed to me most, Chu-Shu.

If you aren't familiar with the Sailor Jentle line, they are well known for being very pleasant inks that perform really well in almost any pen. They set a bit of a standard when it comes to flow and feel on the page which is what makes them so popular.

Chu-Shu appears to be a gray ink at first glance, but is actually more of a deeper purple with some "gray-ish" feel upon further inspection.

When you do a full-on ink swab, the purple is extremely apparent, but with a smaller nib it may not be as easy to detect.

For my review I loaded up one of my favorite pen setups: my matte black Pilot Vanishing Point with a custom architect nib grind by Dan Smith of The Nibsmith. I write in all caps most of the time and this nib helps to add some character to my lettering. And the ink paired well with the pen...

Also, my tests for the review were done on a larger Rhodia Ice pad.

The ink performed beautifully and has been a pleasure to write with. Great flow, smooth, and a surprising amount of shading. No sheen seems to be noticeable, but this is an ink selection for likely more conservative tastes.

Dry times on the Rhodia aren't usually super great, but I was seeing smears well into the 15-20 second range even with a thinner line.

Sailor Jentle inks aren't super expensive, but aren't the cheapest on the shelf. A bottle of this Chu-Shu will set you back about $18 for 50ml, but is an enjoyable ink that will fly a bit under the radar. If you're shooting for flashy, this one may not be the best choice, but this ink fits my style really well. 

Thanks to Pen Chalet for providing the bottle for review!