New from Karas Kustoms and Dudek Modern Goods!

Back in November of 2014, Karas Kustoms and my Dudek Modern Goods brand launched a collaboration for a new machined version of my wooden The Cube project under the name, "The CU13E" (CUBE with the number 13 for the periodic table aluminum classification).

These were a big hit and provided a cool, metal pen storage solution for those that enjoy a more machined and metal look on their desk.

Well, we're back at it with two new versions of the machined pen holders adding the Cube Pen/Notebook Holder and Cube Pen/Business Card Holder

All of the metal storage solutions come in either a raw or tumbled aluminum, and The Cube pen holder only also comes in a solid brass.

They have a good stock of these on hand and can still get out holiday orders in the next couple days if this might be the perfect gift for someone. The promo code CLICKYPOST, as always, can save 10% off any order at checkout.

Thanks for taking a look!