Announcing The Morse by Dudek Modern Goods - Limited Edition

I'm so pleased to announce a collaboration between my Dudek Modern Goods brand and artist Matthew Morse (@heymatthew on Twitter and Instagram) that has been in the works for almost a year!

We're calling it very appropriately, The Morse.

Matthew has been featured on The Clicky Post before to discuss his work as a graphic artist as well as to share more about his very unique and popular folded nib lettering style. I respect and appreciate his work so much and knew that we needed to work together on a creative project.

What we came up with together is a solid walnut dip pen work station that holds two small amber bottles of your favorite ink, a rest to place your current dip pen, as well as some space to store two additional nib holders. We expect that through years of use these pieces will eventually be splattered and inked up to develop some character of their own. 

To be included with each of the walnut stands, Matthew created 20 original pieces of his work (not reprints) in the form of a quote by Leo Tolstoy:

"If you want to be happy, be."

I feel it a huge privilege to have had the opportunity to work with Matthew on this and we hope they will be enjoyed by their new owners. This is a limited edition run of only 20 pieces so they should go pretty quick! Thanks for taking a look.