Retro 51 Tornado "Surfin" Review and Giveaway!

Retro 51 has done it again! Actually, I received two Retro 51 Tornados in the same week... the newest "Surfin" Tornado Popper and the Joey Feldman and Vanness Pens Artist Series. Both are super awesome.

A couple of years ago Retro came out with a wood grained "Vintage Surf" edition which people went wild over (and still do apparently). I owned and enjoyed one of them and eventually sold it to a buddy that was on the hunt for one, but I think I like the new "Surfin" edition a bit better... it definitely pops and is more fun in my opinion.

Although I've reviewed several Tornados on the blog over the years, I'll do a bit of a recap on the main points:

- Rollerball refill is the Schmidt P8126 (or Parker Style ballpoint)
- Twist mechanism on top to extend the tip
- Mostly metal construction (good weight)
- A great "gateway" pen...

What makes the Tornado stand out for most people is the seriously amazing refill it comes with. The Schmidt P8126 lays down a nice dark line and is pretty smooth. It is one of those refills people write with and say, "oooh, I like this pen!" Wherein they promptly try to walk off with it....

For those not initiated into the pen obsessed world, the Tornado is also a pen I recommend if someone is looking to buy a gift or get something that is nicer than the standard office junk. Its the type of pen someone can spend $30-50 on that turns a pen from something disposable into a possession that they cherish which is pretty awesome.

The styling of the new "Surfin" edition is spot on. The smooth and glossy acrylic barrel is a vintage off-white color that is adorned with brown and teal colored stripes, a surfer dude logo, all of which wraps up nicely into a package reminiscent of a freshly waxed surfboard.

The knock and tip are a nicely antiqued silver color and the end of the pen is capped with a nice blue translucent disc making a nod undoubtedly to the ocean water where you'd be catching a wave. It is perfect.

The Tornado Popper series is usually limited to around 500 pieces, but this time they released 1261, so there are likely a few still floating around at various retailers.

DSC00264 E.jpg

Retro 51 was kind enough to send me TWO "Surfin" Tornados... one for review and one to giveaway to a reader of The Clicky Post! Thanks Retro 51!  

Up for grabs is #1107 and see the details below of how to enter.

CONTEST RULES (the "fine print"):

- Contest will run through Sunday, May 8th and will end at 11:59pm Arizona Time, USA

- To enter, leave a comment below (limited to one entry per person; no cheating!): What was your first pen you considered to be a "nice" pen (that you would have been sad to lose)? It doesn't have to be an overly expensive pen, but maybe one that has sentimental value? No right answer!

- I will arrange the entries in numerical order and randomly select a winner.  The winner will be announced on the blog on Monday, May 9th and will need to connect with me within a week to claim their prize. 

- This giveaway is open to both US and International readers.