Kaweco STEEL Sport Rollerball

Now, this is a pen I've been waiting for.

I'm not going to claim any sort of prophetic vision, but in my review of the steel Liliput back in October of 2015 I did mention that I'd hoped they'd sometime release a steel Sport model as well... and they didn't disappoint.

Over the years of writing The Clicky Post, I've probably reviewed 10 different variations of the Kaweco Sport, but it never seems to get old to me. Still, to me, one of the most iconic pocket pens around.

Until a couple of years ago, Kaweco stuck mainly to the acrylic Classic and Al Sports, but they've been branching out on the Sport line and other models into other materials like brass, copper, and stainless steel.

I love the weight of brass, but generally not the smell that is associated from the oils in your hands, so the stainless steel version certainly sounded like an ideal option.

As always, the machining on the metal is precise and clean without any imperfections. Kaweco really does have their machining process dialed in, particularly in the heavier metals.

Like the other Sport models, the STEEL Sport comes in a fountain pen, rollerball (roller gel), ballpoint, and mechanical pencil. For more everyday use, I opted for the rollerball version and Mostwanted Pens was kind enough to send me one to review, so special thanks to them.

What is great about this pen is that it can take both a parker style refill as well as the popular Schmidt P8126 style. They've loaded these up as a standard with their own branded Kaweco ceramic gel roller and it is a pleasure to write with. I'd usually opt to switch out for the Schmidt, but I'm letting this refill run it's course because it is so enjoyable. Dark, solid lines.

All in, the pen weighs around 1.5 oz which is actually pretty fantastic if you're wanting a pen that is hefty, but not weighing you down. In comparison, the Al Sport is around 0.7 oz making it a bit of a lightweight.

The outside of the pen is brushed steel finish which gives it a uniform and attractive appearance. Over time I'm sure it will get some more scratches or swirls, but I think what you get out of the box will look and feel the same way for years. 

These aren't the cheapest pen, but not outrageous in my opinion for what you get. They come in at €73.00 (about $85), but with VAT removed if buying through Mostwanted Pens it drops down to around €61.00 (about $72). Shipping overseas is pretty hefty (totally understand this with my Dudek Modern Goods pieces), but I'm sure they try to be as reasonable as they can, and the shipping is fast.

What is the next Sport material Kaweco will release? A Ti Sport or COPPER Sport may be nice... (just some ideas for Kaweco)

Special thanks again to Mostwanted Pens for sending this my way for review! Do you have a particular Sport model you use or have your eye on?