TiScribe-Pencil by Urban Survival Gear - Kickstarter (Sponsor)

If there is a guy who has been creating A LOT of great stuff over the last two or three years, it is Kelvin from Urban Survival Gear. I'm always excited to see when a new project of his goes live. 

Following up from the success of his recent TiScribe-Bolt pen (love mine), Kelvin has just launched a new TiScribe-Pencil project on Kickstarter to create a matching set.

One thing that I love about Urban Survival Gear is that the pens/pencils are all machined in-house by Kelvin and his team out of their shop in California. Buying from them is supporting small business, and by them doing the manufacturing themselves it provides a level of quality and oversight that may not come from other brands.

I've been extremely impressed by the quality of the pens produced by Urban Survival Gear and have enjoyed supporting his brand.

Definitely check out his most recent campaign for the TiScribe-Pencil on Kickstarter, and thanks again to Urban Survival Gear for sponsoring this week!